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Hoy hemos dado una hermosa sesión con la presencia de Ayelet Yekutiel, Estaremos repitiendo la experiencia el jueves en «La escuela de Tango El desbande». Trabajaremos los pulmones, su volumen, su implicación en oxigenar la sangre y su óptimo funcionamiento dentro del movimiento.




  1. Lungs, breathing and the chest cavity Breathing, the movement that underlines and support all of our activities and processes, is shaped by and shapes our movement choices and textures.

External respiration- The breathing process in the lungs, manifests a constant exchange and relationship between our inner and outer environment. The class will focus on the lungs as the organ in which external respiration occurs, as well as their function as part of the content and mass of the chest cavity.


Ayelet Yekutiel:


Born in Jerusalem (IL) in 1986. Graduated from SEAD, Salzburg (AT), Sampoorna Yoga Teachers Training (IN) and ‘Kelim’ Choreography Studies (IL). She is a certified ‘Somatic Movement Educator’ from the school of Body-Mind Cenetring®, and takes part in the Axis Syllabus teachers certification process.

Ayelet has worked as a creative dancer for companies and creators such as: Kolben Dance Company, Dafi Altabeb, Daphna Horenczyk, Shaked Dagan (IL), The Symptoms Theatre and Dance Company (HU), Lina Hoehne (DE) Alain Platel, Khaled Barghouthi, Michael Schmid, Benjamin Vandewalle (BE) and more. She is a founding member of ‘Augustine Collective’ and an independent teacher and choreographer, performing and sharing her work internationally.

Recently co-created the piece “The Whale that went Unnoticed” with Marcio Canabarro and “Surreal Body” with Nitzan Lederman.